Sugar Rush

Do you need a sugar fix? What woudl be your choice? My favourite sweet right now is chocolate. I guess that’s a bit of a no-brainer, but contrary to popular belief I do swing, because yesterday I really had a thing for the “red clouds” and the day before I was hankering for Dutch salted licorice. All very different… all sweets I adore. None of which is allowed on my diet, but I consume just the same. Ah well!

Just how good does this chocolate look? Soooo perfect, fresh from the factory. Yum.

What’s your favourite sweet right now and why?


4 responses to “Sugar Rush

  1. I’ve a number of favourites as well; peaches & cream or banana sweets and when it comes to chocolate either snickers, twists. At the moment I could really go a Lints Dark Chocolate with Orange pieces. But instead are eating strawberries (Real fruit) much healther but not the same fun.

  2. I’ve just had some dried fruit salad, very fresh and oh so yummy …. if going for chocolate it would have to be white, oh, but then again that isn’t really chocolate so all my books tell me …. 😦 I’ve had a thing for Summer Rolls the last few weeks, so if out and about that is my excuse to call into a shop ….

    • White chocolate… love it !Summer Rolls.. .yeah bring it on! We have them in the fundraising boxes here and they are the first to go… those and the honey nougat rolls.

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