the goose drank wine… the monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line… the line broke…. Lordy that song was catchy, clap clap! Why is it that i can tolerate “my” music, my olden day, boring, decent volume with lyrics that don’t have the F word in them? But I can’t tolerate a lot of music being played today, when others clearly find it entertaining.

The King was explaining to me the other day that you have to ‘train’ your ears to enjoy different kinds of music. That it takes time to appreciate the likes of opera, rock and heavy metal. So when I am wincing at the Triple J horror at 7.30am in my kitchen, not coping with that amount of noise, it is actually MY fault that I have not trained my ears.


We are constantly in battle over his music/my music.. or more likely… his music/no music. It’s a tricky one.. neither of us is wrong to want to hear (or not hear) music, and we try to accept each other’s rights and be fair.

So when my ears are bleeding from lack of training, I do apologise that I have not worked harder to appreciate the annoying sounds music of the younger generation, but will you just TURN that RACKET down!


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