My scrapping space

“What do you think you are? The President or something?”

Well… yes it seems I am the president and the queen. haha. With a scrapping desk like this I sure feel like it.

The King has spent the last month working on this… no blood, but plenty of sweat and tears. (with a few choice words too I am sure) How wonderful is the (almost) finished product? It’s usable now, even though the back is not on it yet, and there are no handles. The return is nowhere to be seen, but it still looks amazing. I am so lucky to have such a handy husband who will nut things out himself  and make something for me… from him. This Scrap Desk is his gift to me for my birthday… and boy I love it.

Just look where my scrap space is now… and look at all that glorious light I get to use now. If only I was home during the daylight hours more.

I have no idea where the Christmas Tree is going to go now I have the whole corner to myself, but I am sure we will figure that out in the next couple of days. Everything is changing, causing all the dynamics to change with it (in more than one way) and it’s all going to be good. Hard to get used to for a while… but will be good.

You might be scratching your head wondering what on earth I am going on about… I’ll let you in on a little secret… there will be a new door opening to this room soon. Yes… approval for Josh’s new room! More on that as it develops later.

So I wish I could give you an overview photo of this room, but truth is, it’s too messy and although I share lots here on my blog.. I just can’t subject you to my mess.. (oh no… what if you judged me or something?) There will be a back on the desk (so you won’t see the underside of it, where I have put the blanket box for now to get it out-of-the-way. and there will be return so from the back you won’t see my trays and my mess. I always have mess. It’s my curse… wherever I go.. I leave mess.

I have so much stuff to get into this space and will start sorting it in the next couple of weeks. Trouble is… working days and nights, it’s going to look like a bomb went off for a while. Behind my chair in the window I will have some lower shelving, where I plan to bring my Cricut and have my papers on hand. The TV is just to the right… which will be moved and where I plan to have cupboards built-in… (dreams do come true) The trick is to stash all my stuff so you can’t see it, but so that I can still get to it. Even my desk has openings on the front, back and sides… to easily store the rolling totes and bags.  So this is about the tidiest you will ever see this enormous desk. Child #2 and I have started on some Christmas gifts with the Basic Grey Curio papers and they are looking mighty fabulous (and all over my lovely desk).


7 responses to “My scrapping space

  1. FAB FAB FAB.. I want one..

  2. Absolutly beautiful. I will have to get Les to work on more storage in my scrap room. We are so lucky to have clever, wonderful husbands that make such wonderful things for us. 🙂

  3. What a wonderful husband you have.Also good luck with Josh’s new room. It will be great to have it at long last. xo

  4. Awesome! Now you just have to find time to enjoy it!

  5. Very, very cool Andy!!!! You’re not just a pretty face eh????

    Thought I would tell you quietly that there is a reflection in ya pic of your ROOOOOOly untidy house….. PLZ get Andy on to this tomorrow!!!

    Andy get your A into G please!!!!

  6. Just joking……!!! Had you worried didn’t I ???

    Couldn’t resist after you had made the comment about an untidy house!!!!

  7. Beverley Beerens

    Wow, it looks great !!! Hope you enjoy it

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