Tea Cup Cakes

How sweet are these? Child #2 made these little cupcakes for my little brother for his birthday. Mr D turned 20, but he’s not too big for a cupcake, especially a special one like this.

Child #2 just loves to bake and can now make a mean cupcake. She’s past the ‘packet mix’ cakes (where I mostly like to be) and takes full control of the kitchen (where I most likely don’t like to be).

Shopping at the Midwest Baby and Kids Market last weekend with her Nanna, they couldn’t go past these cute little silicone teacups. You bake directly in them, ice (and dust if you like with chocolate) and serve.

A couple didn’t make it to the icing stage… nom nom nom.

One response to “Tea Cup Cakes

  1. They are awesome Emily…Georgia needs some for the 10th December coz she turns 5!!!!

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