Scrap Desk update

Here’s the desk tonight… the back is taking shape, which will be side seen as you walk in the room. There were modifications made as afterthoughts.. I wanted access to the back of the cupboard from the back (for my tote etc) so nothing would get shoved to the back and forgotten… so he added hinges and made it so for me.

These two panels will go on to match the rest, but won’t be opening, they’ll be fixed. Love a busy hubby!

Doing happy dance.

By the way… the man himself will be in the shop… working! He’s on till and telephone duties during our cardmaking class Wednesday mornings…Come on in and give him something to do… can’t have him thinking I do nothing all day!  I reckon he’d look good in a pink shirt… whaddoyareckon?


One response to “Scrap Desk update

  1. Yes gorgous in pink, but maybe just a little bit mean ha ha

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