Christmas Parties

This time of the year is fun with Christmas Parties and and-of-year get togethers on for everyone… young and old.  I guess it depends on what stage of life you are in, where you are living, how much you like Christmas and if you like getting out.

Our Christmas parties seemed to define us – perhaps they always have.  Where we work, who our friends are and how old are children are. If we don’t have children, perhaps we party till the wee hours, if we are very old perhaps we have the nursing home party. Clubs celebrate, schools have concerts, and families gather. Even if we can’t all get together, (and always there are people missing in each circle), we enjoy the company we have and chink our glasses together in celebration.

This year I had two Scrapbook House Christmas parties – the shop is a major part of my life, I love the people who attend the classes, who shop in my store and have supported me. Some forever, some for years  and some are new friends, we always welcome new friends. We are like-minded, we are ‘crafty’ and we are family orientated. We like pretty things, we like to make cards and scrapbook the photographs of our family and capture the memories. We like to shop for papers, hoard embellishments and at the end of the year we get together, share a meal, make some more art and hang out together.  We swapped gifts… so many scrappy girly gifts – thankyou Secret Santas… I still don’t know who you are… but I love my chocolate, tea towel and my mug. 


We also went to the Variety Club Christmas party for children with disablitites and their siblings. This is a wonderful opportunity for families to take their children out and the kids are ‘just one of the kids’.  Sure, they might have a disablity, but everyone there has a family member who has special needs in their lives, so yes they are different – just like everyone else! Variety does some wonderful work for children who are sick , disadvantaged and those with special needs. Being amongst the Variety Club volunteers is inspiring, they are generous and kind. They are giving and accepting and non judgemental. For the kids to have this experience is just wonderful and they set up different events to cater for as many as possible and for all abilities. There were horse-rides and a bouncy castle, they could play ten-pin bowling and have a go at the craft tables. Joshua likes bubbles, and hung out by the bubble machine for a while, where his brothers would spin the streamers and play balloons with him. There were acts and more, the only shame is that now I am on my own at the shop I can’t attend family events like this during shop hours and Emily and I had to leave to run the shop. The boys all had a good time, staying till stumps and coming home with goodies from Santa! How wonderful the gifts were… gosh we love Santa! Thank you Variety. xx

..and then the Golf Club Kids Christmas Party – okay, this is a ‘kids’ party, but beacuse it was with our friends… it was a ‘big kids’ party too. Santa made his appearance again… on a golf cart and all the young ones were surprised with another gift! Santa won’t have anything left for the big day the way he is going. The main attraction for the children was the wet slide… perfect for a warm Sunday afternoon and suitably wore out the kids as they went up and down up and down up and down up and down. Wet and exhausted, with full bellies from the BBQ we retired home for Joshua’s needs.

Wherever you are… whatever you are doing… however your year has been… chink your glass with me to celebrate 2010. (mine is fulled with Diet Coke) Has it been a big year for you too?


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