Weekend away

I am blessed. I am grateful for my life and those in it who make it what it is. I am surrounded by amazing  family, children, friends, acquaintances  and  clientele. I continue to meet wonderful people, they flow in and out of my life. Some I have known for a short time, some I get to know better every day even though I have known them their whole lives.

This weekend past I had the opportunity to attend a couple of concerts with some special people in my life. I had the best time.  I was given that opportunity because of other special people in my life, keeping things flowing at home and work allowed me to head off and have a blast.

This weekend I spent with 3 very special ladies, and also meeting up with my brother and a family friend. We went to the U2 concerts together. Yes… concerts. Plural. I am so lucky I was able to go to both the Saturday night as my brother had bought me a ticket and the Sunday night with my friends. For a hick country chick who has never been to a concert before this was something else! The closest thing to a concert I’ve seen was Kasey Chambers at the Queens Park Theatre… and I thought that was greeeaaaattt! Look out Perth, Country Tania is coming to the city. I haven’t been on a girly shopping/laughing/concert weekend ever before… and to be honest didn’t really want to leave my family at all. I soon changed my tune though once we hit the road.

I was all sooky on the Saturday morning, leaving my family, this wasn’t even for work. This was purely for fun and seemed totally selfish. I struggled with that. Why is it we struggle with things for ourselves, why are we happy to do anything for those around us, but feel difficulty in doing something for ourselves? I didn’t want to leave my family, but in order to see this concert, and have fun with my friends I needed to do just that. My King and his court are more than happy for me to go away (so they can be super slack all weekend) and my store was in good hands for the 2 days.

So off we went; Nat, Chele, Fi and me. Road trip.

Boy it was fabulous. We laughed and we joked. We shopped till our feet hurt and we needed to soak  them better. We giggled through the night and teased each other silly. We partied in the mosh pit at the concert and we pounded the pavements for a feed. We talked and we shared. How wonderful life is with girlfriends.

I also was able to share the U2 experience with my brother Chris, the die hard U2 fan. Both concerts were amazing, but to be with Chris on the first night literally metres away from Bono himself, was incredible. The atmosphere in the inner circle (where the bridge went over us as it did a rotation) was surreal. The crowd was so into it, we were 4 people from the front… with the most amazing view of everything. We could see the labels on the speakers and boy could we hear it! The artists could see us too, and I am sure I had a moment with Bono as he sang to me. I’m sure! Haha. Jay-Z was great too, and I KNOW he had a thing for me. 🙂 haha, especially when I called him Jay-Zed, instead of Jay-Zee. Hey… I’m Australian ya know! xyz. What a ditz I was… and they were all making fun of me. Even strangers. Mean I tell you… mean.

I learned just how many pairs of shoes one could own, and between us 4 girls we bought like 16 pairs I think. Oh my, thankfully most of mine were thongs, after all I am still a country chick and comfort and value usually outweighs looks and for $6.60 you can get a great cream to make your skin look like new. Baby new. Reborn. Oh, let’s NOT even go there. I also learned that banana pancakes on a Sunday morning in Harbour Town are truly good for you and not to leave things at the bus stop because they will get nicked.

On the way home I realised how relaxed I was, how Christmas is less than a week away and somehow I am NOT freaking out. This is highly unusual for me. I always freak out around this time of the year… things are not done, and you know what? It really doesn’t matter, they will get done when they get done and if they don’t, it’s not the end of the world. We really did have a good time, and we all came home refreshed and happy.

Here’s some shots of the concerts.



4 responses to “Weekend away

  1. It was awesome Tania…. Thankyou!

  2. One of the best nights of my life. I will always remember it.

  3. Tania, So glad you had a ball at U2 with your brother and friends

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