Not a creature was stirring…

Christmas Eve.  What’s it like for you? I guess it’s either a nice quiet time or it’s when the party starts.

For us right now it’s quiet, time for me to check that list twice and be sure that Santa will come to visit. It sure has been busy, our family starts celebrating Christmas Eve, with dinner, drinks and games. The kids get excited and presents go under the tree.  We have a 4-year-old in the house for Christmas morning, who wrote Santa a note with his name on it. Super smart little nephew that one. Little O can write his name… I asked him to and he produced it  for me. I also spelt out “Santa xxx” for him to copy and look what we got? It’s little moments like these that make family Christmas absolutely priceless. I am so pleased he chose chocolate for Santa this year too, we all need a little “Boost” on Christmas eve. We have made our reindeer food, with sparkly glitter in it to shine in the moonlight so they can see it, and scattered it on the lawn. I certainly don’t want Santa with his messy reindeer on my roof when there is a perfectly good lawn to park on.

I have never been so relaxed at Christmas time before, maybe it’s just age… maybe it’s the age of my children, maybe the ‘care-factor’ is just not there. Maybe it’s because I went away for a little ‘de-stress’ last weekend with some fabulous girls?

I am not sure exactly what it is, but I have had to let some things go lately and I am refusing to let it get to me. One of the biggest things this year for me is not sending out Cards. I do this every year, and have done so for 25 years. This year I didn’t even get my Halloween thank-you’s out and there was no way I was going to get to the Christmas Cards. I was just too busy. Most of you would know that Rachel is no longer working at the shop, so for much of the time I have been going it alone, working everyday (except the Sat and Mon last weekend) and the nights, even with classes for the whole term. The busiest time of the year… from Retreat to Christmas… and you know what? I did it. The shop is standing… as tall as ever… and so am I. So, if you didn’t get a card from me I am sorry. I got to thinking that most people wouldn’t even miss it, if I didn’t send one. Then I realised there are a few people on my list who really needed a card from us. Not to let this get me down, I have let it go as ‘one of those things’ and will carry on regardless, perhaps I can make it up to them in the New year. Yup, there’s always next year, and it’s comin up fast! The way we are going, it’ll be all over in a blur.

So now it’s Christmas Eve, time to go find all those things I have hidden so well and do a quick tidy up. Josh is still talking from his room and the rest of the family are finding it hard to go to sleep, it’s very exciting to think about the morning. I am excited to have my family here, my brothers and their ladies, and 2 gorgeous little nephews who my children are absolutely besotted with. I do love having a baby around and seeing little Sam asleep face down on Andrew’s tummy tonight was such a sight. Makes me wanna go have some more babies. Nah… just kidding. I’m good, haha.  

To all a Merry Christmas and to all Goodnight.


5 responses to “Not a creature was stirring…

  1. Wishing you and all the family a fantastic and fun Christmas. xoxoxo

  2. TANIA !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes, Oliver enjoyed his time playing with the kids and getting ready for Santa. He was asleep on Christmas Eve literally 2 minutes after I said goodnight – he was so wrecked and so excited.
    Yeah, his writing is getting better. Bit sad in this day and age where he was typing his name on the computer over 12 months before he could write it!

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