Andrew and I watched the movie Eclipse tonight and like the books it left me hanging on, wishing it would hurry up and just end already.

I did enjoy the quality of this movie better than the previous ones, the effects definately better, but somehow it just wasn’t right for me. Oh no, now I feel the need to go read those stupid books again. No no no no… I just can’t do it.. what a waste of good time.

Do you get the same feeling sometimes when you watch a movie, made from a book, that just leaves you feeling slightly let down? You’d think it’d cement the story for you, fill in the blanks in your mind, but no… just not right for me. It’s just not how I imagined it in my head.


2 responses to “Eclipse

  1. Books are ALWAYS better than movies adapted from books- NO EXCEPTIONS!

  2. I sure found that with Chocolat, the movie was not anything like the book …. I saw the movie The Tourist today and really loved it, it had me guessing right up to the end which is very unusual with movies today!

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