Feeling cool

Our weather is warm… we have had the Slip n Slide out today. Sometimes it’s too hot to be outside for long., but nosying around on youtube ( hey.. it’s holidays and I have a fabulous chair to sit in) I found these cool blizzard timelapse clips. Now that gives a whole new meaning to not being able to go outside!

I have never even seen snow in real life before, and with our 40 degree days here it’s hard to imagine… but that sure is a lot of snow!

and here is another one…

Stay cool… or warm… depending on where you are.  What’s the temp where you are now?


4 responses to “Feeling cool

  1. It’s bloody cold…. Tim insists on having the air con on all the time and we r freezing!!! Hee hee

  2. Bethany in Lower Alabama, USA

    It is colder than normal here near the Gulf of Mexico but not cold enough to snow! I grew up in a snowy state and miss the beauty of a good snowfall. It covers everything and makes the whole world seem pristine and sparkly! Awwww, nice memories….
    Thanks for your website. I feel like I know you!

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