Slip Sliding Fun

Do you sometimes wish you were just 11 again?

I do. 11 year olds have so much fun. They get to play all day and have no responsibility. Well.. little responsibility. They have Nannas that buy them Slip ‘n’ Slide’ so they can get outside and have some fun. (My boys are predominately nerds and stay indoors playing Lego or computer games) It was a little cooler, so they could go out and set up the slide a couple of days after Christmas and have some fun. I enjoyed sitting at the end with my camera… and they turned it on for me. Love those boys!

 I dont’ think I have ever done this… I can’t remember, but I want to. I just value my body more now than I did at 11, and somehow slamming myself down onto some wet plastic for a skid doesn’t seem like a good idea for someone with a broken back. But I want to, oh how I want to. The plastic might have to be double the width for this old bod though.. hee hee.

How many of these Slip ‘n’ Slides have been sold worldwide I wonder? Plenty I bet.

Loving Summertime at home. Hope you’re having fun wherever you are!


3 responses to “Slip Sliding Fun

  1. Try it with all those little bottles of horrible shampoo from hotel rooms (Think they’re actually detergent, but that works to!!!) … I save mine for the summer months and our old sheet of black plastic from Bunnings and “Bob’s ya uncle”… the slippery dip is happenin!!!!!

  2. Hey Nat, that’d make for a very slippery dip indeed. Haha. Truth be known, they did ask on the day but I couldn’t bear to hear the whinging if the soap got in the eyes so I wouldn’t allow it. Meany I am hey!

  3. No fair enough…. remember georgia the first time she went down, so excited and the grin turned to tears but she still went back for more. Just for the thrill of the ride……..

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