To remember

Reading Donna’s blog this morning provoked an interesting way to blog today’s post. So thanks Donna ♥, for inspiring me yet again. I love to read your blog, and see glimpses of your life and art.

The thought behind this, is to imagine you were going to lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. So  only 5 minutes to think about out the memories I want to keep.

The thought of this sends me into a panic, I don’t want to lose any memory at all and often it seems the smallest things are the things I want to remember, but perhaps they are more of a feeling than a memory.

I don’t want to forget the love I feel in my heart when I read Andrew’s valentine message to me in a card, even though he doesn’t like cards much and hates to write. I don’t want to forget that he kissed me goodnight, every night. I don’t want to forget how he makes me laugh so hard I have to run to the bathroom and most of the time he’s picking on me, teasing and making jokes. The cards might be gone, but our love is cemented every day with new layers to be sure it stays strong. He brings me a glass of diet coke as I sit at my desk and a new block of chocolate. He’s been to the shop and stocked the pantry… plenty of chocolate. He’s built me a scrapbooking desk, spending many many hours on it, from scratch.  I can’t imagine not having these memories.

Then there’s my kids… oh don’t get me started on my kids!

2010 for the most part seemed to be filled with Joshua, Child #1, His surgery in March for his hips, legs and feet was major. It took him months to recover and somehow I still fill now I am not fully recovered. I want to remember, not the tears, the fear, the pain, but I need to remember these things, as these things are what makes us strong. Joshua is a brave little man and had some very tough times this year.

Child #2 began her first year in high school, and makes me proud every single day. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out. She is helpful and loving, caring and compassionate. She is bright and her grades reflect her personality as well as her academic level. She makes me smile.

Children #’s 3 & 4,  – my two peas in a pod. So alike, so close. Fighting and growing, best friends who are always side by side. They have grown so tall and enjoyed their last year at primary school.

I remember I was busy… too busy I think. I was cross at myself that I didn’t have time for many of the things that matter, and I didn’t send out Christmas Cards or thankyou cards, I had so many to do.  I had a lovely 40th birthday and many friends and family to help me celebrate. I am lucky. Hopefully those who didn’t receive thankyou cards still love me and know how much I appreciate them being there.  The shop is doing extremely well, even though I felt the loss of 2 good, long serving staff members. We went overseas this year… Bali with my stepbrother & his family.  We had the time of our lives… I would go back tomorrow. We purchased a small car for me to get around in, it’s beautiful to have a car that drives so nice and has great speakers.

I painted, I scrapbooked, I wrote, I took photographs. I played with my kids and I’ve baked. My Dad and SMum visited from South Australia… please come back! I miss them terribly. I got into facebook… and wasted a good deal of time there. I went to Sydney, and Dongara, and Perth too. I had girl time with my besties and discovered it’s magic for the soul. I went to my first big concert with my brother and thoroughly enjoyed it. We celebrated events, birthdays, aniversaries even a 21st, and our Christmas was filled with family and love.

2010 was a growing year, and we all grew a little, all in different ways. A little braver,  a little taller, a little wiser, a little stronger and a little wider!

Now I feel I have still left out a whole bunch of stuff.. I am so glad I still have my memories, most of them, they are precious to me… now I had better go scrapbook some of them before I can’t share memories any longer. 🙂

How about you? What would you not want to forget from 2010? Share with me on your blog… or in the comments field.

Happy 2011 everyone. I hope all your dreams come true. ♥


8 responses to “To remember

  1. Beautiful thought provoking post and lovely pic to!!! New profile pic for FB i Feel !!!!
    So many highs to 2010 and fortunately it has been relatively good to us.
    Georgia started Kindy enthusiastically and Isabelle year 5. Both were lucky to get lovely teachers and I started work 4 days a week.
    Was lucky enough to go to Sydney with Tania n Rachel in April for scrapbooking where I won a comp. which opened up new challenges for me. I designed the artwork for Nalini Tranquim’s new album which is due for release in the next few months.
    Tim went to Qld and played in a comp with Byron from the Spalding Park Golf club, they came 1st in WA and did me proud!!!
    I’ve had awesome weekends away with girlfriends and laughed till our bellies jiggled…. but moments that I’ve hugged my hubby tight and reassured each other that things will be OK!
    Life is full of ups n downs and we have to take the rollercoaster to find out about this wild ride called “LIFE”.
    I’m lucky to have a great guy , 2 healthy, happy kids and many Zany, wild n fun loving friends to share it with!!!

  2. What a full on year. Les completed his 1st year of teaching and I’m finally half way to my teaching degree. Chris turned 21, Ross our 20 year old got engaged and Yvonne 18 moved out with her boyfriend and Jacque 17 completed Year 12 and sat her TEE (fingers crossed she gets into Uni). Not as much scrapping as I would like got done but Retreat was Fantastic and I can’t wait until Retreat 2011. We have just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary (not a lot I know, I’m a bit of a late starter). I’m looking forward to a smooth, peaceful 2011 (Yes I know but a girl can dream can’t she). To all you fellow scrappers out there I hope that you all have a great and happy 2011 and may all that you wish for be yours.

  3. Hi Tania, I enjoy reading your blogs especially todays. You are a great
    inspiration to us all. Hope 2011 is full of fun, laughter and love for u and you family. C u soon when I pop in for some more goodies.
    Cheers Pam x

  4. Hey Tanya – what a beautiful post 😉 Thanks for sharing and hope you’re having a great week. My girl off on her first day of school tomorrow ;(

    x Donna

    • Good luck to your little possum on her first day. So exciting! Hope you are ok too… I was a dribbling mess on all my kids’ first days… I wanted them home with me forever. Tomorrow marks the day where all of mine are in high school and I think I will be crying by the gate again. No, not really… I’ll be hiding in the car. 🙂

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