Project 365

Like we really need something else to do, I have opened up an account in 365 Project – a photo a day for 365 days… you can start any day, but I had a friend starting today, the first day of the New Year and thought “Why not?

For one it will take committment.. which surprisingly I can be good at, but only if I AM committed. I am not fully convinced yet, so we will see how it goes. You never know, I might make some new friends and learn some photo stuff whilst I am at it. If nothing else I will enjoy browsing everyone elses photographs.

One photo a day, starting anyday. Starting today.

A new project by scrapnyak

Feel like joining in? Head on over and check it out. You can find me at and start your own free account there. Link back to me and I will follow you too.


4 responses to “Project 365

  1. Loving it… enjoying checking everyone’s photos out as well

  2. It’s good fun. Hopefully we can keep it up.

  3. Well you got me too Tania, will be very interesting to see just how long I can keep it up though, sure hope I make the year out …. some very gorgeous photos on there and so inovative, like you of course .. mine will be so boring compared to yours … still looks like it could be fun though.

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