Boy stuff girl stuff

Funny what kids do when the dynamic of company changes.

When they are out, they are talkative, and try very hard to please (years of training haha)

When we are home, they have their heads stuck into whatever it is they are doing, be it the computer or a book, they do it for hours and hours and hours and hours and I guess you get the picture.

Child #1 is a Cartoon freak… over and over… we have given up on trying to dissuade him. He often has a visitor in the form of a smaller sibling who comes and sits by to watch too. They are zombies and the eyes cannot leave the screen. haha

Child #2 is a reader and she has already absorbed 6 full size novels in just 10 days. What’s with that? I thought teenagers were supposed to be rebellious and mouthy? They are meant to be difficult to get along with and sneaky. Not my girl… reading. That’s what she loves. She gives me very little to growl about, and she wouldn’t even know what disipline was… But I  caught her with her iPod the other night, late late late in bed… she looked so ‘sprung’ when I found her I demanded that she hand over the ‘toy’ only to discover that she ran out of books, so she turned to her iTunes and downloaded a book, reading it on her little screen. It’s like finding your kid sneaking out of bed to do math… how can you growl?

So whenI am not home… you can pretty much guess that there is a couple on the computer, one reading and one watching tv. and the big daddy might be doing any one of these things too. Or they are doing boy stuff and girl stuff.. or maybe a mixture of both.

This is what was waiting for me when I got home… Child #4 made these for me, and then in true ‘boy style’ he had set the perimeter up with lasers to be sure no-one would eat any before I got home… if they sign wasn’t enough to warn you off, then one of the six lasers would catch you and the alarm would sound… then you would have to deal with Mr 11yr old. haha

Too funny.. and they were so yummy.

The girl became a little bored too I might think… the dog got a manicare… Oh poor Molly. She looks like she could do with a spa treatment too… or just a wash might do. hee hee.

This is what happens when you get left alone in a crazy house… at least the colour is nice. 🙂


2 responses to “Boy stuff girl stuff

  1. hahahahahahahaha…….cupcakes with laser surveillance!…….hahahahah…..this has truly brightened my crappy day- THANKYOU!

  2. very funny!….. I see the bottom row is GONE!!!!
    Love the doggy nails!!!

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