I have been having a bit of fun with my camera this year with the 365 project. I have dug out some filters, some lenses and even got the old tripod happening. I have always loved photography and intended this project to be “a photo a day” to give an idea of what’s happening throughout the year… and these photos have nothing to do with my day… except for the fact that taking photos was part of my  day. Miss L, Child #4 and I spent a deal of time outside in the dark taking these shots… it was a 3 man job and a whole lotta fun.

Wanna give this a go? You’ll need to use “bulb” setting on your camera and set it up on a tripod to keep it still. I had my aperture set on a bunch of different settings, change it around to see what works best for you. Then, grab a torch and write or draw what you like whilst your lens is open. If it’s really dark, you wont see your image running around drawing, just the glow from the torch. Close the lens when you are done. Work very quickly! LED works a treat, don’t use laser, you may damage the sensor on your camera.

Here are my settings
ISO 400
Exposure time 36s (although the “King” picture on project 365 I had it open for over 100 seconds)
f 22
Focal length 35mm


6 responses to “Lightpainting

  1. Omg! Look at my BUTT!!!! It wouldve been nice of you to photo shop that a little for me!!!

  2. WOW! You are soooooo clever!!! How do you get the dots for the eyes to be separate like that?

    • The dots are if you turn the torch on and off…start and stop, like you are drawing with the torch. Heaps of fun… get the kids out there tonight and have a go!

  3. that’s cool

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