I caught you!

It strengthens your faith in humanity when you see people doing the right thing… even when they think no-one is looking.

I happened to catch a few people today and it makes me smile. Just little things, but all the same. Millions of these little good things is what makes me proud to live in this society. I try really hard to just see the good, to really look, and once you get the hang of it, it makes you happier inside. The trick is keeping this up. Hee hee.

One picked up their rubbish that flew out the car door as they opened it. Many wouldn’t bother, letting it blow away… as if it would evaporate, never collecting anywhere. I like people immediately who won’t leave rubbish in public. I would like my children even more if they didn’t leave rubbish lying around my house… but that is a whole other matter.

It makes me happy to think that people will do the right thing… just because it’s the right thing to do. To be honest and caring, even when no-one sees is honorable in my book. It’s very flattering to one’s personality.

Where I work, I see a tomato stall out the front. It’s not my stall, but the stall of a lovely family who grow the tomatoes, water, fertilise, pick and pack them, then bring them down for sale. They need no-one to man the stall, working solely on the “honesty-system” with a tin with a $1 sign above it. The cheapest tomatoes in Australia… but there are some who just don’t put in the $1. There are some who just put in a 10c so it “looks like” they are putting in the correct coin. It makes me sad that some people think it is ok to cheat someone or take something for nothing, but fortunately it is the minority.

Sometimes I watch, and as it’s a quiet end of town, often to the customer it looks as if there is no-one around, but if I happen to look up from inside my shop I do watch to see if they put it in or not. Sometimes they do not… but most of the time they do. And THAT makes me smile. I see a lot of people from off the ships too, not familiar with our country, our town… and that “honesty-system”. I see them smile… they point… they laugh… they smile…they put their money in and they smile. That makes me smile. Everytime.

You know what else makes me smile? Chocolate… but that’s another story entirely. Haha.


4 responses to “I caught you!

  1. omg I’m SO with you on the tomato thing (and the rubbish thing too – but thats another story entirely!LOL). That’s one thing we HAVE to do when we go to Geraldton is to get the $1 bag of tomatoes – they are SO yummy and cost 1/4 of what the shops charge yet taste 4 times better! So why wouldn’t you pay?? We knew of someone that regularly took then without paying because she figured it was her right – we were gobsmacked, and told her so. It’s stealing no matter what you tell yourself.

    Fran xx

  2. I just KNEW we’d get along… chocolate ALWAYS makes me smile… oh and just so you know and ’cause I’d like to make you smile… I always pick up my rubbish too! 😉

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