Merry Melodies

What music picks you up when you are down? As much as I would like to hide it, I have to say that I love Tim Minchin.  He’s da bomb! Hearing his music; his drawly voice, his well chosen words and cleverly consolidated rhymes, just makes me smile. He’s terribly rude, he’s very outspoken, appalingly offensive and absolutely nothing is sacred… which I find completely refreshing and awfully funny. Not even sex, not swearing, not children, not religion – he’s a brave man. A very funny man.

I wouldn’t say the things he does. But I will laugh because he does.

I’m considering ditching Michael Buble for him. Ooh ahh! The scandal.

But I won’t. I couldn’t.  Tim’s music is very funny, Michael’s is beautiful, resounding ~ but so not funny!

Which musician lifts your spirits when you need a smile? And why?


15 responses to “Merry Melodies

  1. Ha ha…. What a great idea to blog!
    I love P!NK to cheer me up… Jimmy Barnes, Cold Chisel, Bryan Adams and lately I love Altiyan Childs and his energetic covers!!!!

  2. Glad to see you back blogging….. Thought u had dropped off the face of the earth!!!

  3. I notice! Every night I check and of late I walk away, shoulders hunched, all sad and disheartened….my bestie doesn’t care!!!!

    …………………..and then I go and get my own life!!!!!

    So sad that I have to stalk yours!!! Bahahahahahaha!!!

  4. I notice too. But people in glass houses and all that…off to post on my own Blog!!!!

  5. Oh, and lovin Cee Lo Green at the moment!

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