When being a twin sucks

My #3 child and #4 child are 12 yr twins, now in a new school.

#4 comes home from school today with a bruise on his arm.

While this is a concern, he is smiling.        Odd.        We have had years of the “bully” issues and I am not impressed. He is busting to tell me all about it, literally bouncing and grinning as I touch it.. “Oww, it still hurts he says”.

I am unimpressed.

“Okay… what happened then?” I ask in concern.

“Well, you know how it’s Pinch and a Punch for the first day of the month?….”

I cringe… they were pinching each other here at home this morning, and they got me… and ow did it hurt. I warned this morning… saying “You do that to someone at school and they are just as likely to deck you one… that really hurt”. Uh oh… who did he get? More importantly, who got him back?

I ask ” Who did you pinch?”

He answers with “No-one Mum” and is busting to get on with his story.

Daniel said “Well, there was this girl she ran up to me and she had really sharp nails and pinched me really really hard then punched me. I was so surprized and she said she “was getting me back”. It hurt really bad and I said “Hey, I didn’t get you , I’m Daniel!!!!” She was so surprised and said “OHHHHH SORRRYY” .

Matthew said he had got her earlier and she was looking to get him back. I was thinking the girl must have been really embarrassed, how funny to be caught like that with twins. She didn’t know them from Primary School and it is a little difficult to tell them apart.

“How funny” I said.

Then he says… “she came up to me a little later, in a different place and got me AGAIN!…. REALLY HARD!…. IN EXACTLY THE SAME SPOT!!!!!!!!!! I said HEY HEY HEY, I AM DANIEL“.


and he is sporting a nice little bruise. His first from a girl. hee hee.

7 responses to “When being a twin sucks

  1. cute story…..could be time to lock him up!!! He’s lookin a TAD handsome!!!!

  2. Yep, check those baby blues out!

  3. I reckon that girl knew it was Daniel the second time….she just wanted to look into those eyes again! Imagine the fun those boys are gonna have tricking people in a couple of years…especially the girls 😉

    • they are so NOT into tricking with their twin-ness. I have even encouraged them to have a joke, play a trick… and no… they just wont have it. I think it would be hilarious.. but they’d need a lot of training to pull it off. hee hee

  4. have just read this…. omg that is sooooo funny! glad he was happy bout it thou! gotta love kids!

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