New Wheels

Joshua has a new ride.

Here’s his old wheelchair. I should have posted a photo of him in it for comparison, but this was a good shot of the chair. And if Josh is in it, then of course you will HAVE to look at his lovely little face instead of the chair. Hee hee.

This chair, he has for …. oh… I forget how long… my computer has photos dating back to 6 years ago, so it’s more than that. When he first got it, it didn’t have a headrest, he wasn’t that tall. Then he grew… and we added a headrest…. but the darn kid just kept growing. Funny that.

Here’s a shot of him in 2005 that I found. Man I thought he was heavy then. This has the headrest on already.

Awwww. aint he cute? Little fella!

So now he has this new one. It’s a Tilt-in-space, which means it tips back and he can rest for  a bit. It’s great as he tends to hunch forward a lot, I imagine his head being heavy to hold up all the time. When we tip it, his head is more upright, and the weight is shifted so it’s not so much on his little butt.

I think he’s still a little unsure when we tip it back, he laughs then lifts his head… like he does on his bed when you lay him down. He’s got good asbs from all the “crunches” he does. Hee hee

The wheels are smaller than the last chair, we had hoped ,when he was younger, that he might “get it” and he could move the wheels with his hands to have a little independent motion. Seems that he is far too lazy for that and would rather be wheeled around like royalty -little slacker!

Hoping it cools down REAL SOON… I heard on the tv yesterday that this hot weather is the hottest/longest we have ever had since recording began… no wonder we are all melting and paying top $ to the electricity company.

I hope you and yours are all safe, happy and well (and cool)


8 responses to “New Wheels

  1. Very very cool!! (oops, perhaps a bad choice of word given the temps?!)

  2. like the new sweet ride Joshy!

    • Sure is sweet, we have to ‘lift’ both him and the chair a little to make the corner into his bedroom though… oops, didn’t think of that! He has such a dicky entrance to his room. Hopefully we start on his new room SOON!

  3. that is one cool chair!
    I am a carer and that chair looks fabulous…LOVE how it tips back.
    coo ride for Joshua….and hey! I wouldn’t mind being pushed around like royalty too! lol

    • Hey Sandra, thanks for visiting! I didn’t know they did tilt chairs… but I am so glad he has one… he will be so much more comfortable. Who do you care for?
      I’m off to stalk you on your blog now. Hee hee.

      • hehe
        I do respite work for a 24 year old girl (woman!) with severe autism and brain disorder.
        It is the most rewarding job ever!
        Wish the government would provide more funding so that parents could have more well deserved respite (and the kids!! I think the kids sometimes need a bit of respite from their parents too lol ) !…but that’s a whole other story! 🙂
        take care of you

        • Sandra, I have the highest regard for respite carers!
          Our carer has been with us since Josh was 5 months old… almost 15 years now. She is my guardian angel, and I firmly believe she has kept our family together. Without regular respite we would not have survived as a unit. She is like his other mother, and loves him like one. We love her and are so grateful for the time-off, however long it may be.
          I take my hat off to you, choosing to care for someone in need. That takes a very special kind of person to do that.
          Take care of you too!

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