Without him…

I don’t think I could breathe.

I am blessed enough to have ‘that special someone’, that someone who makes me “me”.  He is everything to me, and I cannot imagine life without him. Whilst he is not perfect, he is perfect for me, which in fact makes him perfect.

He is a good man. I couldn’t have a better husband or father to our children.

Just wanted to say, that’s all.

Have a great day.

PS… he does drive me crazy sometimes – don’t worry, we are quite normal. hee hee


5 responses to “Without him…

  1. He’s pretty good. I must say. I am writing this in a taxi at 11:45pm whilst slightly intoxicated on way back to hotel.

    Yes a good man. My best man at my wedding and all round good guy. Love you both more than you can imagine.

  2. I love that you wrote “whilst he is not perfect, he is perfect for me”…so lovely…

  3. This is so sweet…. Love the way you guys gel!
    You are too funny…. He’s zany n loopy and you are always first on his rollercoaster ride!!!!
    Glad you enjoy the ride together!!!! 🙂

  4. Oh yeh!!! Nice pic BTW!!!!

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