Ready as we’ll ever be.

Ok… number one problem is now sorted… I got some much needed sleep. Funny how some things are just better after you’ve slept.

Yesterday I spent a good deal of energy, tears and frustration on something, that in the end resolved itself and I need not have even been aware of it in the first place. Just a spanner in the works was the thing to put me in a spin… but I have to admit I was a bit of a ticking time bomb, just waiting for something to set me off.

So today, the second thing on my list is now sorted too. I am no longer tired, and I am not longer frustrated. Which somehow eases the last two… being sad and scared too.

Joshua is well and happy, we had a bumpy flight but no trouble and Andrew met us here with all our luggage, with diet coke in hand and my medication (200grams of chocolate- administer daily for the next 7 days).


Josh’s brothers and sister are in the capable hands of David and Lauren… hugs and kisses guys! I know you are checking here to see how we are going. Also Hi to Mrs C from school from the little wagger (he could have come for ½ day today, cheeky little man trying to get out of school) waving hello Mrs C. Thanks for your laminated poster, its blu-tacked up by his bed.


We have had a lovely meal at Ronald McDonald House cooked by Lions Bulcreek and are now settled in our room, the two boys watching Astro Boy and mucking about.

There’s not much room in here, but we are comfy. Andrew set Josh’s DVD up on the wheelchair which is in between our beds and we will put pillows under the sheets to stop him rolling off the bed. Hopefully he sleeps.


Hopefully we do too.

I will save this to a usb and pop downstairs to upload it to the blog and check my bookface. Andrew is complaining about his toothbrush… he said it’s flat and doesn’t work… haha, I packed his old “manual” job. Funny man, he keeps me smiling.

He’s keeping Josh smiling too… tickling him. Josh is loving having us to himself.


Anyway, just wanted to touch base  for our lovely family and friends before tomorrows surgery, thankyou for your lovely wishes and prayers, feeling ya love… will update tomorrow night.

Now… Josh  – GO TO SLEEP!



5 responses to “Ready as we’ll ever be.

  1. julie marchetti

    Hugs and kisses Tania.XXXXXXX

  2. Hope all goes well Tania. Josh is so lucky to have parents like you and Andrew. xxxxxxxx

  3. Good luck everyone, not that you will need it. Hope all goes well for Josh. Tania, Don’t eat too much choccy. love Pat

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