Light at the end of the tunnel

Our days are filled with Joshua again and I am grateful that my ‘other life’ is being cared for… our 3 youngest at home with Mr D and Miss L and all the animals. Golly I owe them big time when they have kids! I just know Children #’s 3 & 4 will be ranting about Nintendo 3Ds and costumes for Friday night’s Variety Club Bowling night. Over and over and over and over. You have no idea how many times a day some words are repeated by these two.

And my lovely little shop is being well cared for by Kira. Hey… did you know the new Prima flowers are in? She’s been a busy lady!

Today Josh had his 2 lines removed, so his hands are free now. He is only on a couple of painkillers and they are keeping him in check. No groggy medications to make him feel sick or mess with his diabetes anymore either. He is happy, smiling and watching tv silently. The only time he cries is when we move him a little (for a change or injection) and then it’s short lived and he’s happy again. You have no idea how relieved this makes us. We have vivid memories of last year… hour after hour of intense pain, day after day, for months. Breathing difficulties, agonising daily physiotherapy, temperature problems, toileting issues… It was a nightmare to watch him suffer so, and to be able to do very little to ease it.

Photo taken Princess Margaret Hospital at Sundown

One year ago, it was dark, whereas now, 18 months into this journey I see the light at the end of the tunnel now for this procedure. Almost over for you my little buddy, almost. Hang in there. xx


8 responses to “Light at the end of the tunnel

  1. OMG…. You’re making me cry as I read this!
    No idea what you are going through but hang in there! Thoughts and prayers going to you all!
    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. X 10!

  2. Time stands still for your updates. The music goes away, the voices trail into the distance, the world stops turning – focussing on the words on my phone.

    Good to know that the tunnel now has an ending and that you can see it. The journey when we started was very foggy, with no direction or clear result. Only ‘best case’ scenario.

    As insignificant as it is, I wish I could be there for you.

  3. I can feel the relief in your words Tania… you have finally exhaled…so happy Josh is doing so well x

  4. A BIG happy hello to both you and Andrew and all the happiness and happy thoughts I can send to you all. What a fantastic photo for “light at the end of the tunnel”. So happy to hear the operation went the way you had hoped. I too exhaled for you both.
    It brings to mind that song “He aint heavy, he’s my brother”,
    The road is long
    With many a winding turn
    That leads us to who knows where
    Who knows when
    But I’m strong
    Strong enough to carry him
    He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother (in your case son)

    Love Viv

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