Surgery day for my little man

Note – this post is from yesterday, I was too whacked to come down to the computer to upload it.

Whoa what a day. Big deep breaths (thanks Jenny). Early breakfast at Ronald McDonald House before anyone else is up then head over to the hospital.


Sending your child off for surgery is difficult at any age, no matter if it’s the first time ever or you are a seasoned traveller. There were some bubbas there today and you can’t help but look into their Mamma’s eyes and know they are fighting to hold it together.

 In admissions it’s noisy, hustle and bustle of processing everyone in order.

Parents and children sit together, sometimes chatting, a little nervous, but keeping spirits high.

We line up like inmates.. “So, whatcha in for?”

“Oh, cochlear implants for little Joe here… you?”

“Ah, just having some metal removed from my son”.


I love that God invented DVD players… 


Then it comes time for the anaesthesia, now that is a test of strength. Big breath.

 Hours later, (for us it was 7 hours from admitting to coming out of surgery) you will find parents waiting for their name to be called to say their child is out. They sit all quiet in the Friendship room, it was full today, all silently sitting… waiting… it’s painfully quiet and you can almost hear the worry in their thoughts. No-one looks at each other for too long, and everyone smiles those small forced smiles that say “I’m doing it tough right now, and I can see you are too”. Andrew and I didn’t even sit there today, knowing Josh would be in for a while and went for a walk together. We’ve done our time sitting there before with the lovely ladies serving tea and biscuits, and handing out tissues.

 Josh was cold when he came out, and still, hours later is very cool, but we expect that from him, he can’t keep his temperature very well. He has 5 blankets. His blood sugar levels are off, but we are expecting that. He isn’t eating or peeing… but we expect that. We also expect him to be in a lot of pain, but he is under control… a blessing! I am happy to see him moving his legs and there was no extra surgery required. That is the best we were hoping for.

I tend not to hope too much for the best… only to be disappointed when things don’t go that way for Joshua, but this is a good outcome for him. We just now need to spend some time with him for his recovery and getting him well enough for travel to get home!

3 responses to “Surgery day for my little man

  1. Good to hear things are okaaaay!
    Hoping they are keeping his pain management under control and you and Andrew are holding up ok! Love to you all… And look forward to seeing you home soon! Love. Nat xxx

  2. It pains me everytime I know Josh has to go through these things – right down to my soul. I shed a tear when I think of him and the guilt I have – words cannot describe. I cannot fathom his pain or fear, let alone that what you and Andrew must feel and go through.

    Be strong Joshy, be stronger Mummy and Daddy. Love you all…

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