We all live in a..

One of our town icons. The yellow submarine.

We all live in a yellow...  by scrapnyak

Invented by a local fisherman who was commissioned to invent a prototype cray fishing submarine. It was first launched in 1969.

The submarine was designed to test the feasibility of establishing a fishery for green crayfish which is abound in the tropical waters north. The submarine never entered operational service as it was discovered that gas emissions from the batteries caused major technical problems.

A 9cm thick laminated Perspex viewing port fitted into the box of the submarine was designed to enable the 2 man crew to navigate and manipulate external fishing equipment.

The submarine has become an icon for our Western Australian town and was painted yellow after the Beatles famous song.

Length 8.4 metres
Height 3 metres
Max surface speed 18km/h
Max submerged speed 9km/h
Max operation depth 37m

I went for a little walk this morning, this is 2 minutes walk from my work, and my first attempt at HDR using 3 photos and Photomatix.

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