OC about 3DS

OC about 3DS

This is one very happy little boy. He has been waiting months… day in and day out, for the release of the Nintendo 3DS. He’s been saving for a year and today he got it!
We’ve had posters drawn, countless picures, banners strung up with the words and logo, little bits of paper with Nintendo 3DS written on them, photos printed and even a model of what it would look like, and how it might feel in his hands. He has been so OC about his 3DS the WHOLE family is very glad he now has it.
But I guess he won’t be asking me for window washing jobs for $’s anymore… he’ll be too busy.

He is so proud, I snuck in tonight to pinch it off his bedside to take a photo of it… he must be on high alert because he was up in a flash to tell me “more” about how cool it is… I asked if he would settle for a photo for now and talk to me tomorrow! It was 10pm! His teachers are going to kill me!


2 responses to “OC about 3DS

  1. “UP in a flash!!!!”….thats so funny!!! He is priceless!!!

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