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Glimpse through the rocks

90 / 365
The rocks are piled high but the glimpse of the foreshore dare you to climb higher for the reward of the view, and just over these rocks you can see the whole shoreline, right up to the Port.
On my photographic walk this morning I saw this and thought of this weeks challenge “to take a photo FRAMED by something other than the edges of the lens, manmade or natural. My walk was beautiful, the weather is perfect now and I got some great shots of the boats on the Marina. I think I might save a couple for later in the month.
For now, here’s one of the boardwalk. It was interesting and I overheard a couple of old blokes talking behind me. I didn’t dare to snap their picture but I wish I had the guts to do so… they were adorable. This is how the conversation went…
1st old fella ” Ya know, I’m getting a bit deaf. I have to get myself some hearing aids”
2nd old fella ” Yeah, I’ve got hearing aids. I think I might have to start wearing them”
1st old fella ” Yeah, my teeth need replacing too”
2nd old fella ” Mm, me too. My knees are going too, and I need stronger glasses”
1st old fella ” Not good, this getting old, is it”
2nd old fella “Nup”

4 responses to “Framed

  1. Just love that your everyday life is in mine my beautiful sister. It’s lonely out here in space. Keep posting, it keeps my lonely heart alive……

  2. ” My knees are going too, and I need stronger glasses” …Thats me!!!!

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