March 365

Another month gone… that’s the third time this year that’s happened!

I am now posting daily as I upload each photo, but I didn’t really want to bore you with another 20 something posts of the past photos,  Heaven knows there’s enough ahead already. So here they are all in one bunch.

As with everything we can find it difficult to stay committed, and this project is challenging me. I feel I lost my way a little this month, striving for a great quality photo, an image others might like to see… rather than my real life, my day or just what I want to post. So whilst I still will aim for a good photo of different things that interest me I will also aim for photos are a part of my daily life, what makes me smile, and what’s happening day to day. I will TRY to make my life look interesting. hee hee. Lets see if I can fool anyone.

01/03/2011 - 25WWYD10
02/03/2011 - Backbeach
03/03/2011 - Happy Birthday
04/03/2011 - Winner!
05/03/2011 - Crazy Love Tour
06/03/2011 - Aussie Dunny
07/03/2011 - Carving Cuttlefish Creations
08/03/2011 - Cut and Paste
09/03/2011 - No... Thank YOU McDonalds.
10/03/2011 - Getting cuddles while we can
11/03/2011 - Birthday party
12/03/2011 - Risk
13/03/2011 - Wish I was back here
14/03/2011 - York St
15/03/2011 - Blessings
16/03/2011 - Magic Cream - makes small veins disappear
17/03/2011 - There is a light
18/03/2011 - Out of your hole
19/03/2011 - "Don't tell me the sky is the limit... there are footprints on the moon!" Dorothy Parker.
20/03/2011 - Sunset in the country
21/03/2011 - Handmade goodness
22/03/2011 -  I Don't Deserve You
23/03/2011 - It's a Dog's Life
24/03/2011 - Double the trouble.
25/03/2011 - All our fairies are lazy good-for-nuthin's!
26/03/2011 - Good day for boating
27/03/2011 - Jessie... you've got the wrong Buzz!
28/03/2011 - We all live in a yellow...
29/03/2011 - “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”
30/03/2011 - We can breathe a sigh of relief now
31/03/2011 - OC about 3DS

March project

Which is your favourite image from this batch?


6 responses to “March 365

  1. My favourite is the Cuttlefish Carvings. The talent!! The creativeness!! The ingenuity adn finess!! Not to mention the hours they woulda bin outa yer hair! 🙂

  2. I like Matthew n Dan and their mirror image snap, love your butterfly pic as well….awesome effort…it is quite a challenge but loving it all the same. I’m a bit the same…trying to find an “arty” shot rather than just taking a photo to represent my day. Sometimes I do….sometimes I’m INSPIRED!!!! Either way it represents what has happened….some days we are just uninspired!!!!

    • I think that’s just “life”, some days you just drag ya butt out of bed and get to it, other days you are keen as mustard.
      Love your photos!

  3. Definitely Andrew & Josh – representing all going well!! Good to chat yesterday x

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