Light it up blue


Light It Up Blue

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Shining a light on Autism. Today is World Autism Day… and boy we know all about Autism in our household.
Best thing I read today whilst looking about on the net… “Autism is not a tragedy – Ignorance is the tragedy”.
Do you like my trick photography? There was a stick and some blutac holding the bulb up in my son’s hands that I photoshopped out and added the glow & colour using layers.
The theme “Light it up Blue” is worldwide and the Syndey Opera House got in on the action here in Australia too. I was looking around on the net for some images and came across this blog, who found an international list of autism organizations offering information, resources and services on the World Autism Day Awareness website  and then this one, where Sparky Firepants (great name by the way) wrote a little his own post.
Part of it said this :
I know this boy. He’s super smart. You can see it in his eyes. There’s a mind behind those eyes constantly humming along. It’s not unlike my own mind, with the major difference being that I can easily express my thoughts (even poorly) but the boy struggles.

I have this advantage of being able to communicate whatever I want whenever I want. Many times I even waste my words, tossing out banal commentary on Twitter or Facebook. What’s going on inside my head? Just check my Twitter feed. Better yet, don’t.

But what about this boy? Or any child with autism? What’s going on inside their heads? It’s a lot harder to decipher, but there’s something valuable there

Oh and by the way… my beautiful, funny, artistic, clever and incredible twins… who happen to have Austism… who failed their last math test… both got an A each this week for their math tests. Yay for them!

2 responses to “Light it up blue

  1. Very clever Tania, love it and it looks so real too …. beautiful write up and congrats to the boys on the A in their Maths tests.

    • Thanks Janita… the boys were pretty chuffed. I need a good grade every now and then to prove it to them that they ARE capable… they just have to work a little harder to show it.

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