Sugar Rush

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Sugar Rush

92 / 365
My daughter and her friend have been stinking up the house with burned toffee in an effort to create toffee apples. Luckily there was one saucepan of toffee that made the grade and the result is delicious. The best apples in the land are toffee apples!
Do you like my backdrop? A freaky girl with a toffee spoon. Scary huh? It WAS shaping up to be a great photo. Haha
I am 25% way through my project. That means that today is a quarter of the way though the year. Where does the time go? I swear it was New Years just a little while ago, and now I am looking at Term 2 which is just around the corner.
25% done?
Goodness me.
I feel like I have just begun.
I guess it just takes me a little while to settle in.

2 responses to “Sugar Rush

  1. Wow! They look YUM Em! You better save me one, I’ll be there in a minute. Xoxo

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