Like a Moth to the Flame

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Like a moth to the flame…

93 / 365
I am drawn back to the 365 site. I am completely addicted, I keep looking at the inspiring photos on everyones profiles.. going from one to the next to the next. So many beautiful photos. Ok everyone just stop it !
No more… no more… I need some sleep, and my children need to be fed.
This is true for the whole computer thing… I need to turn it off, walk away… but I can’t. I need to look at another photo, read another story, see another scrapbook idea, read another blog post, check that facebook, reply to that email, see who’s doing what, who’s saying what about who and who. It’s just never-ending.
Ok.. they say the first step to beating an addiction is acknowledging your problem… and I acknowledge this… there is too much good stuff on the internet… so everyone had better stop! Haha. See it’s not really my problem is it? It’s everyone else around me!
At least blogging is easier with the 365 project and I don’t spend hours deliberating over what to write, who is going to read it and what they will think about it. I have spent way too much energy worrying over ‘other’ people.  Just do it.
Today is a double-post, because I didn’t make it back here last night after work.
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No fair!

94 / 365
My family was all in a fluster this morning, everyone seemed angry at everyone. I hate it when it when we have moments like that. Not fair!
This “50 cent swing” is another big “not fair” as it was bolted down. The iconic 50 cent swing made famous in local Author Randolf Stow’s book, The Merry Go Round in the Sea, an autobiographical book telling of life in Geraldton during the 1940s. You might think it’s named that because it costs 50 cents to ride, but no, it’s due to it’s unique shape. Built over 100 years ago the swing has been a focal point of the Geraldton foreshore for several generations. It spins on a central axis rocking from side to side while patrons sit on the timber planks attached. Sadly future generations wont get to enjoy the swing the local council saw fit to bolt the swing in a stationary position all in the name of public safety. No fair!
The 50 cent “bench” is not quite the same.

2 responses to “Like a Moth to the Flame

  1. On the school playground growing up we had this type of swing. We called it an ocean wave and you can find pictures of it on the internet. It’s funny because my sis and I were reminiscing about it just this week. There was even a big tree nearby.

    • I tried to find ocean wave swings on the net like this… all I came up with was outdoor chair types. do you have an URL to share that has a photo?

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