Today you are going to get 4 posts in one… you will notice I seem to be lapsing behind again, so here is a catch up on my ‘photo a day’ for the past 4.

Working 6 days a week, as well as 3 nights means I don’t see as much of my beautiful family as they deserve. Sometimes I wish I was the stay-at-home-Mum instead. Hanging out for the holidays! I am working on organising a rostered day off, but you know me… takes me forever to make a decision on anything, and getting a day off means employing another staff member. That’s not hard, and I am spoiled for choice, but I want to make the right decision for the shop and for my family. 

Meanwhile… I am making choices on where and what we do when we are together. Today my girl worked at the shop, teaching the last of the kids classes ( yes the holiday timetable is done… and on the shop counter) and tonight I sat on the couch with my boys watching movies and talking and watching the two of them creating their creations (one with bluetac, the other with toilet rolls and hole punch and some string)  Don’t you just love doing that? Sitting and listening, just being there.

As you’ll see we’ve  been to the beach and to the riverside this week. My excuse is that I need a photo for the day… and I think they’re enjoying it just as much as I am.  This is turning out to be a great project and I am so inspired by the awesome photography of fellow 365’ers that I am keen to do more ‘playing’ with my hobby.

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Sandcastles are the most fun…

95 / 365

when you get to jump on them! We all needed a little time out tonight after work and our big boy is on respite so the 5 of us hopped in the car and headed to the beach for a little sand and surf fun while the sun went down. Perfect weather, beautiful sunset, loads of lovely photos with my kids, but this one made me smile the most!


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Jumping for joy

96 / 365
Life is good! The weather is perfect and my children are gorgeous (and happily compliant with my photo requests) Man I love those kids!
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Down by the Riverside

97 / 365
we braved the mosquitos and headed down to the river with some of my favourite people tonight after work and took some great photos, even though the light was falling fast. It’s beautiful down there… I don’t know why we don’t go there more often.
My beautiful daughter (who HAD to have that perfect coloured ribbon for her hair) is my lovely model
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The Girl on the Hill

98 / 365
What a sweet silhouette my girl makes. She had the idea for this one.. up on the hill, so she gets half the credit too, she has such a creative eye.

10 responses to “Beachside/Riverside

  1. Love “the Girl On the Hill” , very beautiful!

  2. Sukanya Ramanujan

    Very nice photographs!

  3. I love all four shots, they’re wonderful. The compositions, the colors and the lighting are fantastic, and your children are very lucky to have such wonderful pictures of themselves. The last shot is fantastic, your daughter definitely makes a lovely model.

  4. You take the BEST photo’s.

  5. Going by all your previous comments I can only say “Ditto”, not only do you have some very special subjects in your children (MY GRANDCHILDREN!!) but your talents in capturing the ‘moments’ is beond comparison to professionals. That’s because you do it with heart. These and many other photo’s deserve huge prizes, but the prize is given to us in being able to see your work. Thank you Tania. 🙂 Love Mum xxx

  6. Glad you are ejnoying them. ♥

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