Family Dinner

We have “family dinner” on Sunday nights.

Does anyone do this? Am I just strange? I think it is important to ‘touch base’ with family once a week, good or bad. My kids like to see their Nanna, once a week at least, even if she’s been busy all week. I like to catch up with my brother and his girl, even if we see them during the week, nothing says “family”, like sharing a meal together.

Sometimes we talk, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we play games, sometimes we fight.


This week I felt we needed a little something different for family dinner, and as it’s usually at my house for convenience with Joshua I took the opportunity to book something new and try it on the family for size. I asked for a little extra respite care for Joshua and he spent the night at Wendys (she had a hard one with him too – sorry Wendy)

I booked a Sunset Cruise on a local boat, where we cruised the Harbour, watching the sunset and hanging out together. Wind in our hair, salt air in our lungs. It’s good to get out. (and here we are, pictured inside the dining room)

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Harbour Cruise

99 / 365

Some of the many boats as we were leaving the Fishermans Wharf tonight on our Sunset Cruise.

The meal was lovely, but it was a shame that one of us couldn’t eat as they weren’t prepared to cook the steak (for non seafood eaters) until 20 minutes before we arrived in dock, as a take-away. Shame they were too busy to cater for one of our men who went without a meal. So much for “family dinner’. The rest of us had fish and chips, yum!

My kids behaviour was exemplary, proving to the owner of the boat that not all children are badly behaved in pulic and can indeed go out with their families. I was most upset when it was suggested that I do not bring my children. We took photographs and sat outside chatting and seeing the sights. It’s amazing how different your city looks from the ocean. It is beautiful.

Our weather was perfect, and the night was still, which meant the ocean was calm (that always helps as we have a couple who get seasick). The boat was beautiful and we all enjoyed the city lights.

Something different – they say change is as good as a holiday.


2 responses to “Family Dinner

  1. Hear hear! It was a magical tour. Thanks Tania. It was great to be together on the boat and cruise the harbour, see the sunset and hope like hell son number two was going to hold his own. 🙂 He did. Maybe missing out on a meal helped? God works in mysterious ways. Love ya! Mum xxx

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