Creative Fun for Kids

The girls in our kids class loved making their flowers in Emily’s last class last Saturday. They cut, layered, glued and glimmermisted. This was Em’s own design and each flower was uniquely hand-drawn. I thought this was ingenious to hand make them out of paper. Boy they looked so good!

Our Kids classes are up on the Current Timetable section and we are taking bookings now.

Em has some great classes planned for the kids, like the gorgeous little Picket Fence Mini Album and Kids Scrap with a Sketch session.

Meanwhile do you want to come and do your own thing? The workroom is available for use on all the other days… pay $5 and stay as long as you like! Maybe you and a friend could spend some time together having some creative fun. We have kits to do, or bring your own project.


Now for my photo of the day.

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Pampering the wildlife

105 / 365
We have big trees and there are a multitude of birds and animals living amongst them. Today Andrew had a flock of fans as it was hot and he had a hose. He squirted them down and then it was on! They called to their families and about 20 or more came for a shower and a play. I don’t even know what kind of bird these are. Any ideas?

4 responses to “Creative Fun for Kids

  1. great photo.

  2. Reg not sure. Thinks they are either honey or fig eaters. Hope his isn’t pulling my leg.

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