In Plane View

My photo is from yesterdays’ fly over at the Military show. 

Beech 18 Aircraft Chapman Valley Vintage Drive Fly Geraldton

In Plane View

107 / 365
The old Beech 18 gained a lot of interest, and boy did it kick up some dust as it taxied up the runway. Note to self – don’t wear white. Would have LOVED to get my darling a ride on this for his birthday, I didn’t know they were taking bookings, and we couldn’t get back for the only available flight left – so would have done it! Definately on my list of things to do for him. Next time!



Isn’t it amazing how we can’t see some things that are clearly in front of us? Hidden in plain view. Some things we just cannot see for the narrowmindedness, some things are not visible due to a sense of clouding. Some things we refuse to see.

Look beyond your busy day, beyond that piece of work that is overdue, close your ears to the kids fighting. Look out and see the world, the beautiful wonderful incredible world that is out there.. in plain view.

Oh… and another plane picture, just for fun. Hope you had a great day.

Navy Alameda Plane Chapman Valley Vintage Drive Fly Geraldton


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