Special Sunday

Today was special as it was the birthday of the King of the house.  His day consisted of sleep-in, cooked breakfast, and coffee, loads of gifts, military show of vintage vehicles and aircraft, easy afternoon, take away dinner, 3 lots of sweets, celebrating also with Ma and Miss L, a game with family and his favourite computer game.

The Military Show was a highlight as this was something we’d never seen before and my King is a huge ‘war time aircraft’ fan. The boys surprisingly enjoyed themselves too.

Here’s my photo of the day, followed by a few more as I had so many good ones today, I didn’t know what to post.

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A Tank Load of Fun

106 / 365
The Vintage Fly and Drive was on today – right up my hubby’s alley with all the vehicles and aircraft. The boys (mmm, pick the scrapbookers sons) loved having a ride on the tank (it’s called a Centurion) and disappeared in a cloud of dust.
He was kind enough to post on the tanks gun for me. ove that I got the Aussie flag in the background. This was a tricky shot to get, trying not to get all the brightly dressed children clamouring about in my shot.
Love this tank, would have liked to photograph it without kids on board, but they were all having so much fun. The name is kinda cool, and fitting for the rest of my King’s day… where Miss L drew blood during a little scrap over the new game we were playing. Don’t mess with this chick! Here she is with her “sorry” face on. Nothing like a little war wound to celebrate your birthday.

4 responses to “Special Sunday

  1. Yeah that’s right, dont mess with me! Don’t feel too sorry for him, I’ve got pen all up my arm and on my WHITE singlet! You got what you deserved Andrew…..(not that I intended to draw blood) Happy Birthday, love you. Xoxo

  2. Pen…. wooooo.
    Looked more impressive than it was.

  3. A late Happy Birthday from us Andrew (I like to be consistent!!) xxxx

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