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Wouldn’t have a clue whether any of these birds are mothers or not, but I’d like to think that they all stil hang out, even when they are grown, like I hung out with my Mum tonight.
We went to see the show “Motherhood” tonight, I laughed, I cried… (I know I am a woos), but it was wonderful! Thoroughly recommend it for any Mother.
It was a hilarious, musical journey about the lives and friendships of four very different mums sharing their humorous insights into the challenges of motherhood. There’s Barb, an over-worked, underpaid, stressed-out mother of five; Brooke, the lawyer, who works too much and barely sees her kids, Trisha, a single mum struggling to balance work, her family and her divorce and finally Amy, the naive young woman about to have her first child.
Reminded me of the days when I had girlfriends that I used to spend time with on a fortnightly basis, morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea. We’d chat/laugh and cry together over the trials and tribulations of motherhood. Miss that now-a-days working so much.
So if you’re a Mother, and you get a chance to see this show, get a babysitter and DO IT. oh… and pack your Tena.

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