Time to Paint

I do hope you are enjoying your Easter holiday. Our holidays are spent at home with the family, not that we have a lot of choice in that matter, but we enjoy it just the same. Being the ‘working Mum’ my home is often neglected and my kids miss out on a lot of ‘fun Mum stuff’, so each holidays I try to make it worth the wait and do stuff with them. Simple ‘fun Mum stuff’ like swimming, watching tv and hanging out together. My girl child is away with friends and I do miss her! Being in a house full of boys, completely outnumbered is challenging and I have had to put up with all manner of conversation and fart jokes. Today seemed to flow so well, and my number one rule was to ban tv and computer (for all our sakes) till after dark. What a difference that makes! We cleaned and tidied and I got 3 loads of washing done (Josh watched… lazy bugger) as they pulled out the Kings’ birthday present – model airplanes, and they painted and glued and sanded the afternoon away. After lunch we all headed for a swim next door (even Josh) and then came back home for more painting. I decided to finish off a painting that I had started earlier this year.. it’s sat and sat, waiting for me. So today I finished it and was happy with the result. No idea what kind of bird that is… haha, but I made it for a special lady who likes red breasted robins. I should have googled robins perhaps, but copied from a picture of a bird I liked and made it’s breast read instead. Ah well, it’s kinda cute and she will like it I am sure. She has no idea that I have done it for her, hopefully she won’t think I’m just plain weird.
We also watched a movie, but child #3 headed off to bed unwell, it seems my kids are guaranteed to get a cold 2 days after going to the aquarena. He goes about 2 or 3 times a year  and EVERY time gets sick, and he is not sick in between! Grrr… they must get the water up their nose or in their throats. I just pray it doesn’t go through the house. Makes me want to avoid that pool.
I have been working on card classes too, last night and tonight. It’s easier creating when you’re not under the pump and much more enjoyable too. Maybe by the end of tonight I will have one full class done, with additional samples. (yes.. I tend to overdo things, I know, but “class” has to be good!)
Enjoy your weekend!
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Time to paint

111 / 365
Today was such a lovely day hanging out with my boys. There seemed time for everything. They put together some model airplanes so I got out my paints and finished off my ‘bird on a branch’ that’s been sitting on my easel for the longest time.

4 responses to “Time to Paint

  1. love the robin…

  2. Just wanna say…..WOW!!!

  3. Thanks! It’s going to be kinda hard to give away. I like it sitting on my easel.

  4. natalie perks

    just gorgeous!!!!

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