Just Relax Mum!

Nothing says “busy Mum” like unkept feet. I never find the time to care for my feet and my toes are proabbly my worst feature. (oh OK.. not really, but there is no way I am posting tummy and butt flab here) so toes it is~!
I have always found painting my toes difficult as they point different ways, curl under and  and the littlest ones barely have any nail there at all. If I cut them they get all ugly and ingrown… oh how I hate my toenails.
But my girl likes it when I sit by her and she can lock me to sitting for a while if she does my nails. She chose “red red”, and you know what? I love it! I remember the days when my Mum would tell me that “red red” was for harlots, girls of the night. Girls who were not good girls.
I never wanted to wear red red.
But things change.
And red red is not what red red used to be.
And I don’t think my Mum would mind.
I’m still a good girl, but I can wear red red if I want to.
Can’t I?
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Just Relax Mum

114 / 365
One more day off left. Love love love spending time with my kids. They make me relax and enjoy simple things that they enjoy. Child #2 painted my toes, child #3 took me swimming.

13 responses to “Just Relax Mum!

  1. They look great. Take the pampering. Good to see that you’re enjoying your growing children

  2. I LOVE the red red! and your feet look like mine! Enjoy your kids and thanks for sharing……and ENJOY your cute red red nails!

    • Hey Bethany ~ you poor thing! You mean you have ugly toes too? We should start up our very own “ugly toes club”

      • definitely! my neighbor does nails professionally and she cringed when she saw mine! Hey, a little polish and we have beautiful toes like everyone else! LOL

  3. Nothing quite gives me the same pick-up as looking down and seeing pretty toes! I am wearing hot pink on mine at the moment, last week it was green (cos it’s Oliver’s fave colour), the week before it was dark deep pink…….

  4. Oh you HARLOT!!!!! Ha ha ha!!!!

    No my mum said the same to me…. But issy painted mine red one day and although I had that thought in my mind…. I secretly (sssssshhhhhh!!!) like them red until they get scratched and chip! Ewwwww!

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