OK, really. I just want the chocolate.

Our Easter post this year isn’t about our Treasure Hunt (which I did do BTW, still going for Mother of the Year here) and how we get up early and look for the signs that the Easter Bunny has visited.
Nope. It’s not about that. No more tinted eggs, blowing shells and fingers stained with food dye. No hanging decorations, no bunny foot prints. Nope.. we are all WAY too big for that.
Really, it’s just about the chocolate… and we all know it IS coming, so we can rest assured and have a great sleep in. No early risers in this house.
Each child was woken at a decent hour (after 9am… don’t roll your eyes…you are all SO jealous I just know) each child was woken with a little love-heart sticky note on their pillow telling them where to find the next clue… Love that my big kids still love this and were rewarded with a bunny and an egg at the end. I  swear, they could get a square of chocolate at the end and they’d love the hunt just as much.
This afternoon we spent in our neighbors pool, getting some good shots for my 365 project, after accidentally letting out the neighbors chooks (Lordy they are hard to round up)  and then off to Mums for family dinner… BBQ and chocolate. Yum.
Then we lost a couple of kids to Nanna, who is keeping them overnight. Hee hee, her ears will be ringing by tomorrow afternoon. She handed over a nice collection of books for Em and I to read… Virginia Andrews – any good? Has anyone read these family series? I don’t read much, but as a teen I loved her Flowers in the Attic series. So maybe I might actually sit down and read something tomorrow.
I do hope you are enjoying your Easter weekend and making the most of it. Are you kicking back and relaxing or getting that project done that you’ve been wanting to?
Here’s the last 2 photos of my 365 project. Child #3 in the pool and child #4’s blu-tack creation.
God bless.
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Water drop

113 / 365
Loving the school holidays!
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Circle of friends

112 / 365
I found these little dudes on the bench today, all holding hands. Child #4 has a slight “blu-tack” fetish and today got himself some coloured blu-tack.
I just love the little creations he leaves all round the house.

3 responses to “OK, really. I just want the chocolate.

  1. Love your pool photo…. Had to FAV it on 365!!!!

    • Thanks! Loving the project. Thanks for the encouragment, I’d have stopped ages ago I think if it weren’t for you prodding me along. 🙂

  2. natalie perks

    good girl…keep em coming!!!!

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