Who said it was dumb? Oh… that’d be me.

I vote we have 5 days off every couple of months. Wow… what a refresher!
I have to admit that when I first was told we would be getting Tuesday off as well as the regular 4 day Easter break,  I thought it was dumb.
I even wrote “Dumb Day Off” in my work diary. After  4 luxurious days off why on earth would we need another? Why did I even ask? Because it makes us sit and have wonderful conversations over breakfast with your 12 yr old. Because some jobs take a few days to get into… and a few more days to complete. Because you can go for a drive with just one of your twins… and really “hear” them. Because your house needs attention… and someone mixed up the order of the flannels and the tea towels in the linen cupboard! Because your girl desperately wants her cubby looking habitable before the year 2017. Because one more swim is just what the kids need to get moving.  
I have loved the Easter holiday and totally take back all my “dumb” comments. Thanks be to the powers that made it so!
Now… let’s see if I can haul my butt out of bed in the morning to get to work and join Kira. Anyone else heading back to work tomorrow after time off or are you slacking it a bit longer with the school holidays like my lot here?
Here’s my photo for today.
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Wet lashes

115 / 365
Last day of the Easter holidays for me. Oh how lovely it was. We swam in the pool again, but we’d worked pretty hard so it was an ‘afterdark’ swim and no lovely photos. Here’s another from the other day.. she was just as pretty today as she was then.

2 responses to “Who said it was dumb? Oh… that’d be me.

  1. Beautiful photo of your girl!
    CANNOT believe you thought it was dumb…. I love Jesus!!!!!!!

    Oh and the ANZACS!!!

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