New things…

I feel new things coming my way… fresh new things. I feel happy and excited, with a hundred ideas in my head and I can’t wait to share.

I have been looking around for some links for this blog, to share some of my favourite designers and bloggers. This has to be my first! Love this canvas… made by Patricia.

When I get a blog roll… she will be on it! I love her use of Glimmermist, can’t wait to get some of that Glam too! This canvas is excellent and not only do I LOVE the saying on it… I love how colourful the lettering is. Now it’s got me thinking my next canvas might have stamping on it instead of painting.. uh oh… another project to do.

You can visit Patricia Komara at

I also think I might need to buying one of these…

Who says advertising doesn’t pay? God he’s hunky! I’d buy whatever he’s peddling.

And here is a little something I have been working on lately for our Wednesday Cardmaking Class. I do love tulips!

Enjoy your day.



3 responses to “New things…

  1. I’m with you Tania- I don’t know what a Samsung Galaxy is, but I think I want one…….and I love everything about that canvas

  2. Nah you don’t get him with the phone Tan!!!! It’s a hoax!!!!! Don’t do it!!!!!!!

    • What? Surely not a hoax! He comes with it doesn’t he? Doesn’t he??
      I just ordered it! He’ll be here via Courier Australia any day now. I’ve even tidied up for him. a little. well ok, a very little.

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