Life is Good

Scrapbook House Life is Good when you've choosen good Friends

I have scrapped! I can hardly believe it myself… but I have. Mind you it was in the wee hours of the weekend  as I have been busy in that cubby. Yes the cubby is a goer again. Not that it’s 2015 but it’s getting close. Want to read more about the famous cubby? Type in cubby in the search on the right and all related posts will come up. My darling King of the House is the wonderful kind of man who will start a project and not finish it… unless he is pestered and pestered…. and you all thought I was joking way back here when almost 3 years ago he began the project in 2008 and you thought I was kidding when I said it would be 2015 when it was done. Actually, I knew that wasn’t true, because if it wasn’t done by 2015 it would never get done. This proves that pestering actually does work, but you have to be careful, and only pester so far. A little at a time. Begging also works.  He didn’t want help in there, but fair go… after 3 years he kinda HAS to let us help. So I was scraping and filling gaps and helping with the ceiling (oh yes, this cubby has it all) and painting.

So, in the wee hours of the weekend, whilst tending my sore shoulders (and being up to the big boy all hours poor love), I scrapped. I have been thinking of joining the scrapping fun over at Get Picky , (thanks for the link Jo) and saw the  talented Georgia Keays‘ layout for April Inspiration,  her layout inspired me to do one of my friends. Thanks Georgia!

Waiting for the May Sketch Challenge to come up – I’ll be keen to give it a go.

I’ll leave you with some photos from my 365 project. There are more, but they are kinda boring (or old) so I won’t bother posting them here. You can go look if you want to. Be warned. Boring. 🙂

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Watch it spin!

116 / 365
My beautiful big boy, loving his noisy lighted spinning toy on his tray, it makes a racket, sending me halfway insane and ends up on the floor most of the time, but if he likes it… then it’s all ok!
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Don’t mess with the big sister

120 / 365
You’ll be guaranteed to come off second best!
Painting the cubby! We spent all weekend working in here. Mum & Dad are very tired and sore, but the kids are happy. Ceiling in… walls scraped and painted, concrete sealed, window frames in. Teen den is almost done!


6 responses to “Life is Good

  1. Hi Tania, just stop by looking for inspiration, I’m participating in an on line crop and needed ideas. Your pictures and layout are amazing. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Lolis ~ Thanks so much for coming by (love that you left me a comment) and thank you for your very kind words. I hope your online crop is a success.

  3. Loving your LO with those HOT mummas in it….. I see prima packaging and a bit of muslin I think…. Very cool Tania!
    Georgia Keays is a bit cool as well…. Love her work!

    • Ha, thought you might like my pic! You are good at picking stuff. I used all sorts of things hanging around my scrap area. 2 different Prima packaging, (one with words, one with doileys).
      Websters stickers, lots of collections stuff – transparency, words and chip, Bo bunny journal block, Lil Davis rub ons, Heidi letters, (once were orange) and cheapo letters (once were glittery brown, given to me by a friend wink wink) and a whole pile of other stuff… was fun putting it together. Didn’t appreciate having to get up in the morning to go to work though!

  4. love that green paint in the cubby- must be very very close to the colour in Samuel’s room!

    • We love it too… have been checking out the “mistints” in Bunnings lately, waiting for a great “mistake” and it was there! Bargain at 26 bucks!
      Will have to take a photo of it done… we’ve decorated it a little.

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