Scrapping up a storm

Loving our Basic Grey Page of the Month Kits!  Michele and I scrapped last night, doing up classes and then we whipped up another Basic Grey kit too. Wow, what a productive night, to do 2 double pages in one night, but the photos still need to be added before I can share, so I have sent them to the printer tonight. Luckily the 365 photo project gives me plenty to choose from. Do you find it hard to find photos sometimes? I must admit that I do. Sometimes from a lack of ‘printed’ photos and sometimes from an overwhelming number of photos there’s too many to wade through. I think the simple 35mm times were much easier.. click, take it in, pick them up, have them forever. Now… well, oh my, there’s photos everywhere… more than ever, but somehow less than ever. Does that make sense? Am I rambling again. Sorry. Maybe Michele and I shouldnt have stayed out so late last night.

So in addition to those 2, I added the photos to the first kits and finished these off with my titles and journaling. These kits have me doing layouts, following instructions and ‘getting it done’. Not always colours and patterns I would choose (Lordy that Lauderdale had my eyebrows furrowed in distaste) but they end up looking pretty good. 

And they are DONE. “Done” is a great word for me… I like it a lot. I don’t get to say it a lot. Done. Done. Done. Done. 

I love that you get loads of alphas with these… so I could make up my titles to suit the layout. This is obviously very different to the original.

Now to get those  jobs done so one can get onto the new “Sweet Threads” kit. ( There is one (just one) subscription left if anyone is keen to join us on Page of the Month.)


4 responses to “Scrapping up a storm

  1. natalie perks

    OMG…you associate with some feral people. You possibly need to look at who you associate with… could get a reputation Tania!!!

  2. I do the Basic Grey Kits as well, and often deviate. I flipped all the paper and added one for the birthday layout. I’ll post it sometime!

    Great work!!! Love your interpretations.

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