I love my Mum

Mother’s Day tomorrow… and that’s the day you show your Mum how much you love her, but I love her just as much today and tomorrow and the next and the next. I am one of the luckiest girls in the world who has a wonderful Mum who is loving and supportive and close by. I am ready for Mother’s Day tomorrow.. have her gift all wrapped and ready. Can’t show you what it is… she might peek here. Truth is I didn’t take photo of it unwrapped. I am sure she will like it. No bouquets this year, no Hallmark card, just handmade stuff. I am also sure she will like that too.

My Mum will smile tomorrow, but I wanted to leave you with a smile now too.

Here is one of my favourite clips… seen it before I know… but never fails to make me smile. Enjoy. xx


One response to “I love my Mum

  1. Well, my beautiful daughter brought me the gift on Mother’s day and oh my goodness! It is a thing to treasure forever! I am gobsmacked (but not surprised that she can create such a treasure) and teary eyed at the personalisation and the love that went into the project. She’s my magic maker! THe card was gorgeous and the words within are also treasured. I am the lucky one to have such an incredibe woman for a daughter. (But don’t tell her that will ya?)

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