Seeing her cry

Have you seen your Mother cry?

It’s an extraordinary experience, so humbling. Reminds you how fragile she can be, when you thought she was the strongest person on earth. She, so wonderful, so capable, is just as vulnerable as you are. I see my Mum and I see me, albeit a stronger (and greyer) version, but I see a little of myself in her.   I am sure every woman looks at her Mum and thinks about their similarites but also wants to be different in other ways. We grow, we change. We all have differing experiences that lead us to where we are, and alter the path we choose to be who we want to be. She’s a wonderful lady my Mum and she loves her children like they are the most important things on the entire earth.

Today, I think she saw a little of her own Mother in herself today.

And I made her cry.

It’s a standing joke for me at birthdays, Christmas and Mothers Days. If I can make Mum cry then I’ve done a good job. But only happy tears of course. It’s not that difficult really, as she is just like me and is emotional.  So.. the Mother’s Day gift was well recieved. I won’t share the weeping on you tube… but it is kinda cute. She’s easily pleased my Ma.

I began my day waking late with breakfast cooked and handmade cards and gifts, with Michael Buble playing in the background. I had a lovely day, saw my Mum and rang my St-Mum. My kids all tried not to whinge/moan and fight too much when we went out and gardening, and it ended with family dinner, games, Michael Buble and chocolate. My Mother’s Day gift was to help me tidy up the front yard (I’ve been complaining about this for some time now) and we chose some new plants to kill to put in and pulled all that stupid grass out of the garden beds <again>.

 The handmade cards are a highlight for me… and they didn’t dissappoint. 3 of them had wax seals on them, one had money, one had a rose sticky taped to it, one had stamping, punching and distress techniques, one had photos in it, one arrived by magic (invisble thread) one had a a floating star, one was full of handwriting, one had compic in it. All of them were full of love.  I loved all of them. Bonus having 4 kids… you get 4 lots of Mothers day cards!

I hope everyone enjoyed their day… either being Mum or thinking about their Mum, or their Step-Mum or their Mother-in-Laws. 

I know my world is a better place because my Mum is in it.


2 responses to “Seeing her cry

  1. Her mum gets to work and reads this and all the staff ask her “What’s wrong?” as she wipes fresh tears of pride and love from her eyes.

    If anyboody can move me to tears emotionally it’s my girl!! She has a special talent for making me feel so loved. It’s like she knows my inner person and brings it out with a word, a gesture or a very special gift. In truth she is the treaured gift.

  2. Aw, sorry Ma. ♥

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