Video Tutorial

My first video tutorial. Daniel is a great director, telling me where I need to look and that I HAVE to stop saying “um”. I think um, i said it, um about 50 times. Um. Very strange to see myself on video, but hopefully helpful to some who are looking for ideas and ‘how-to’s’.

Anyway, here it is… my first. For you to see.

The project is in store, doesn’t take very long to complete, then you can fill it up. We will be having a “Mini Album”night soon, where we can decorate a cover (maybe even like this) and then fill it. Would make a lovely gift.

9 responses to “Video Tutorial

  1. natalie perks

    What a great tutorial….Martha Stewart look out!!!
    Love the way THE SCRAPBOOK HOUSE always enlightens us with your creativity!!!!

  2. Enlightens or exhausts??!! Cool video – I shall continue handstitching my 4″ square quilt blocks (that means teeny!), knowing that u have got the paper craft under control, and will indulge me with a special gift from time to time. I am blessed! xxx

  3. julie marchetti

    Way cool…..
    Wonderful tutorial Tania…and I never heard one UMM

    • Um… that’d be… um… because… um HE MADE ME rehearse! Haha. He was good… knew what he was doing, how he wanted it to look. Took it so seriously. Gotta love a 12yr old boy helping his Mamma.

  4. What a cool technique! and a fabulous tutorial… and you know what? I hardly even noticed the “ummms”! πŸ˜‰ Daniel did a great job directing too… today The Scrapbook House blog… tomorrow Hollywood! I will keep an eye out for his name on the big screen! πŸ˜‰

    • Hollywood here we come! What’s next? Mmm, think I need Johnny Depp on the team… maybe Brad Pitt too.
      See what they can come up with using Tim’s tools. Haha.

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