Recall a favourite food from a restaurant in your town

 Oh this one is dead easy for me.

But then I think you’d all have to agree… it’s not just about the food. It’s the experience. Can you recall a favourite food from a restaurant in your town?

I think if I had some of that on a plate right here, right now… it wouldn’t taste as good. It’s like “mamma’s cooking”, and it’s not just because of the way it looks, smells or tastes. No-one can replicate Mamma’s cooking, because it’s not just about the cooking.  It’s about being home, loved and cared for, in Mammas kitchen. It’s the experience. The feeling.

My favourite food is just that… a feeling… a time gone by. I remember back when I was about 17 in Geraldton. Andrew and I had been dating for some time now and we headed for the same nook, in the same little café every lunch time that we could steal some time together. We couldn’t get enough of each other, and even though we were living together by then, we still met at lunchtime as often as we could. And we would go to “The Pancake Chef”. Our town of Geraldton lost something dear when Rod and Nola left that little business. Years later I met up with them again, and they cheerfully remembered us as one of their “courting couples”. How funny – how terribly sweet that they actually had a name for us. That they remembered us.

I remember their pancake, the one I would always order. A hot savoury chicken ham and cheese… with the yummy white sauce with bits in it… oh divine! So fluffy. So perfect. So wonderful. And I would sit there with the love of my life… order the ‘large’ and totally enjoy it. Holding hands in the little secluded booth with red seats, sipping on homemade milkshakes. What a wonderful time in our lives… at the Pancake Chef!


8 responses to “Recall a favourite food from a restaurant in your town

  1. Awww, how can anybody top that??!!
    My hands down favourite would be the pate at Woodstock winery – you know the one on that platter you told me you wouldn’t like anything on? And then ate the lot??!!
    But my everyday fave – chicken with asparagus and cheese at our local pub – can’t beat it.

    • OMG you are hilarious! It was a bit fancy for me… but I reckon with a little pimping and preening (and a few lesssons in fancy food) I could really go that stuff! Was so yum. (or should I say, with less of my Aussie drawl, it was extrememely palatable)
      You did get two of my favourites in at the pub fave though.. but asparaguts… no way!
      What about Oceans 27 Frozen Space Cookies? Oh yeah!

  2. Favourite place to eat is home (very boring I know). Beef casserole with cheese dumplings and a nice red wine. Curling up on the couch to watch an old movie together finishes the evening.

  3. You know I love that Pancake Chef place. Everytime I would visit from SA, I would get you guys to take me there for lemon and sugar pancakes.

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