As good as a holiday?

Notice anything different?
This site is another of those things I have been working on lately, and it was time to change over. New things are being added and some things are being removed. I’m always up for discussion, so what do you think? Let me know.

And  I am back into my 365 project as well after one month off.

Here’s a couple of my latest photographs added to the project.


Shades of a girl 127 / 365
I see the lovely young lady my daughter is becoming, and she fills my heart with pride and I love that I can still see shades of the little girl she always was.
Shades of a girl by scrapnyak

 iHave a Cool Nanna  125 / 365
 She’s not afraid of technology and will put up a good game on the iPad with her Grandkids. Our kids are lucky to have a Nanna who plays all games.
iHave a Cool Nanna by scrapnyak


11 responses to “As good as a holiday?

  1. I’m liking it muchly…………..

  2. Very cool – who did the graphics – LOVE them x

    • the ” little lady” on the r/h side of header banner is one of those Zwinky dudes. I made it in my likeness.. haha.. smoking hot! Em doesn’t like it. She says it’s tacky.
      The rest, I did in photoshop.

  3. The new layout looks great Tania …. love the image of you on the righthand side of the banner.

  4. The white background was a shock at first but I love the graphics.

  5. Eva, I have been SO SO undecided about the white…I also played with pinks and greens, leaning heavily toward green. My final choice was white, but I am still not totally convinced,

  6. White is the best background for a clear crisp website.
    The graphic at the top has some anti-aliasing going on with the “warning” text.
    Times New Roman for the body of text should be changed to something more modern. Also the sizing between each cell needs to be consistent

    Looks good sis. Love ya work.

  7. Chris – time for me to dive into CSS? I can’t change fonts or cells unless I go that one step further. Maybe it’s time.

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