Facelift – your thoughts?

Did I overdo it with the facelift? I wanted a cleaner crisper look, using my colours, the pink & green, but now I am worried that it’s not just cleaner… that it’s just plain boring.
So. what do you think? Do you like this? Is the white too stark? Is it a nice change? Can you see around the site well enough? I think I will add a poll to this post and ask you to cast your votes. Hopefully it allows multiple answers.
I have thought about changing the background to green, like the green in my emails and in my logo. Today I will leave it white. Tomorrow I will change it to green and add another poll.. to see which you like better.

As for today, here are a couple of photos from my 365 project. I am trying to stay on task, and have a little catching up to do.

“Math is like love: a simple idea but it can get complicated”
129 / 365
My boys have been working their butts off this term to improve their math grades. Homework homework homework. Hope it pays off for them, it’s been hard work staying on task.
"Math is like love: a simple idea but it can get complicated" by scrapnyak

Burning the candle 130 / 365
Right now… burning the candle at both ends… something is gonna give soon if I don’t go to bed earlier tonight.
Burning the candle by scrapnyak

Goodnight all.


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