Catching up

Last night  my body said “enough is enough”, and gave up on me. I couldn’t function anymore, dizzy and ill  (no sympathy required… all self-inflicted from lack of sleep)  I went to bed at 7pm ( I know… crazy!!!) and I slept for 14 hours straight. All better now! Now that I have caught up on sleep I could spend some time catching up on other things, like my 365 photos and some scrap classes.

I managed another 2 layouts for class today. Doing a little happy dance as Term 3 is looking pretty good!  Emily finished off some for the school holidays and they look great! Have  look at the kids class wall when you are next in the shop. These can also be kitted as ‘beginner classes’ for you if you like. Just put your order in!

I’ll leave you tonight with a couple more 365 entries.

I’m trying to sleep here  132 / 365
My old man cat #2 is being ever so patient with me, he knows if he just closes his eyes, eventually I’ll just go away.
I’ve followed him around the front yard to get a photograph of him, and I think this “angry cat look” is the funniest, he is just a teddybear really, so this look is hilarious. I love how he has tucked both his paws in upside down.
I'm trying to sleep here by scrapnyak

Glorious rain 133 / 365
to wash away the dirt and dust, but not the webs which I can still see. The shining droplets caught my eye in the garden and I love the bokeh on the other leaves in this shot.
Glorious rain by scrapnyak

Have a great day!


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